Yurbuds:The Best Sports Headphones (My Review)

Yurbuds sport earbuds reviewWhile doing your pushups, in sets and more than 10 repetitions, the EDM track is playing in your ears through your headphones and the beat is matching with your adreline rush..

You have got only one pushup to go to finish your exercise for the day and suddenly the headphones fall due to the snagging of the wire or any other issue and the intensity of your workout is fizzled in seconds…

..It is very relatable and experienced by most of us.

One of the biggest issue with headphones and ear pieces is that they fall out during intense workout and don’t stay in the ear, disturbing your workout routine.

But, no worries, the solution is here..

Yurbuds Inspire Duro Blue

  • The Yurbuds inspire headphones are the combination of exceptional and basic.
  • Unique TwistLock technology along with the comfort of FlexSoft, the Yurbuds Inspire Duro Blue offer the comfortable fit,
  • Elegance and the thing which sports enthusiasts look forward to the most, having their music with them on the go, anytime, anywhere, while practicing sports or exercising.
  • The water resistance along with the ergonomic design allows the ambient noise, which makes you aware of your surroundings.
  • The sound drivers are capable of producing the best quality consistent sound which is essential for you to move forward and never stop.

Yurbuds have made its clear mark in the world of music with the help of the TwistLock technology is a special design that allows the wearer to enjoy seamless music without having to worry about whether it will fall out or not.

Best of All:Your Satisfaction is 100% Guarantee!

yurbuds best sport headphones life time guaranteeYurbuds Inspire Duro Blue has a life time guarantee.

And also Guarantee to never fall out!

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yurbuds ironman designThese headphones are ergonomically designed so that the ambient noise can enter during active use to make you aware of your surroundings ,With the additional durability feature, they have woven cloth cord which is believed to provide extra durability and is also tear resistant.

Specifications and Design

The design of Inspire Duro Blue is basic and sophisticated at the same time..

With uniquely shaped tips made up of medical-grade silicon that are flexible, Yurbuds has surpassed its competitors in terms of design and approach to wearer.

It also offers to send additional tips in case the size doesn’t fit your ear..

Having a snug fit is necessary for enjoying the seamless music without any gap to have the best experience of listening to music while you are working on exercise routine or practicing sports.

And you get ambient sound which allows the surrounding sound to be heard as well..

So, if the surround sound is something that you are looking for with absolutely no noise, then these headphones are not meant for you.

Yurbuds Inspire Duro Blue have the property of not tangling up during rough usage and can stand water and are sweat-proof as well.

This makes for a very sturdy pair of headphones ideal for extreme situations.

With the help of TwistLock which secures the headphones in the user’s ear, it is also seen that the headphones do not come out, no matter how hard the force is applied on them..

Making them ideal for workout and sports.

Yurbuds Inspire Duro Blue performance thump upYurbuds have been said to be the best fitting headphone there are in the market and no doubt about that, the locking technology of the Yurbuds has withstood many extreme conditions and tests.

There are magnets at the rear of earpieces of the Inspire Duro Blue, which makes the pair secured around the neck when the wearer is not using them.

This is not a new feature, but one that comes quiet handy when you are exercising, as there are a lot of breathers and stops during exercise.

Also you get the inline controller which is single buttoned along with the microphone for voice mails and calls.


As far as the performance is concerned Yurbuds Inspire Duro Blue..

Everything is perfect when it comes to fitting in the ear and not falling out, but the ambient sound in Inspire Duro Blue makes is less favorable than its cousin Inspire 300.

It is also noticed that the sound signature of Inspire Duro Blue is focused more towards the higher frequencies than the lower ones..

Bass can be heard in Yurbuds Inspire Duro Blue but gets punchy in the middle of the track. Sound staging can be rated as average on the best.

Using the JBL’s Signature PureBass, a lot was expected from Yurbuds Inspire Duro Blue.

In this department, the Yurbuds sports headphones did not disappoint, as a seamless warm bass which is hitting the eardrums can be heard.

Here are some Yurbuds reviews by the users:

Alex Riley wrote: “i gotta give these ear buds a 5 star.

first off, i have weirdly shaped ear canals. the regular iPod/iPhone ear buds don’t fit securely in my ear, so when I run or move my head, the buds will fall out. This is a problem when working out, because nothing is more annoying than readjusting the bud while running.

These ear buds fit my ear canals very nicely (do not hurt or put pressure on the ear) and I rarely (not never, but rarely) have to adjust the bud mid-workout. If i am too sweaty, they sometimes fall out, but that is easily corrected by wiping the bud and my ear canal.

Secondly, I bought these ear buds in august 2014, and just had to buy a new pair a couple of days ago, more than 3 years later, that is insane, the durability of these. I really couldn’t ask for much more, especially considering I have worked out 4-5 (sometimes more) times a week, over the last 3 years”

J-Buys, another reviews says, “I like the way these fit my ears. It’s a little weird at first trying to figure it out, but once you do, these babies stay snug and are comfortable. I purchased these because a lot of other earbuds have started to hurt my ears after a while”.

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Yurbuds Inspire Duro Blue F.A.Q:

Q: where can i buy yurbuds ? 

A: You can get it directly through the manufacturer from this link.

Q: What is the best sounding headphones?

A: The Yurbuds Inspire Duro Blue Superior, in my opinion. Much fuller sound.

Q:How does the sound compare to the Apple earphones?

A: In my experience, they stay in veterans the sound is on par with the Apple ear buds.

“Inspire and run happy”!

  • Ahmat Hamid.